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Minecraft Query

MinecraftPod can obtain more information about your server (plugins installed, players list...) with the advanced Minecraft query protocol.

To use it, edit your server on "Minecraft Multiplayer" to activate advanced Minecraft query and make sure you have the following lines in your server.properties

enable-query=true query.port=xxxx

xxxx = your server port or whatever you want

You must also allow incoming UDP connections to that port.

Requirement to add your server

The basic requirement is that the server needs to be online to be added

You should also not add server that you dont own, doing so might result in your account being closed

How does the scoring/ranking works?

Scores for all servers are recalculated every 5 minutes, to calculate this scores we use the following parameters:

  • Votes this month (1 vote = 1 score point)
  • Server Uptime (last 15 days), according to the following values (only the best one is applied)
    • 20% bonus if uptime > 98%
    • 15% bonus if uptime > 95%
    • 10% bonus if uptime > 90%
    • 5% bonus if uptime > 85%
    • -20% penalization if uptime < 50%
  • Usage of Votifier (10% bonus)
  • Completed server verification (10% bonus)
  • How long your server is registered (5 score points per month)


Votes are reset every month. You can vote for a server once per day.


We check all servers around every 5 minutes form multiple locations

Server uptime is calculated based on the latest 30 days

For transparency reasons you are not able reset your uptime unless we identify an issue on our side

When are servers deleted?

Servers will get deleted if they stay offline for more than 30 consecutive days,


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How many servers can I register?

Currently we allow each account to register up to 5 servers, this limit can be adjusted if needed.

My FreeMcServer.net server is online but it shows as offline

Due to how FreeMcServer.net free servers work when they expire they dont actually go offline but instead show a expired message, this would be an unfair uptime advantage against other servers, for this reason we consider expired servers as offline.

For your FreeMcServer.net server to be online it needs to be active and connectable