Minecraft GiftCode Giveaway

Every month we giveaway 1 Minecraft Java Edition Giftcode to our users!

How to participate?

In order to participate all you have to do is vote in your favorite servers in MinecraftPod.com!

Each vote grants you 1 entry to the giveaway

Votes are counted from the first to the last day of the related month

Any kind of cheating, false votes, or breaking our Terms of Service will lead to immediate and permanent disqualification from the giveaways

When does the giveaway happen?

On the first Saturday of each month we will draw the winner of the previous month (ex: in the first Saturday of February we draw the winner for January giveaway)

For the giveaway to happen there needs to be at least 1000 valid entries for the month, if not enough entries are present the giveaway will not be executed and the entries will cary over to the next month.

This days are indicative, and might needs to change sometimes, exact dates for each giveaway are displayed on the bottom of this page

How do I know of I won?

The winners will be announced on our Discord and will be visible on this page, additionally we will send an email to the winner

If you are the winner an additional section with your GiftCode will appear.

The code can be redeemed on Mojang's website

The winner must claim the code within 7 days of winning, or a new winner will be picked!

Your entries:

Not participating

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Giveaway Results

# Effective Dates Draw Date Total Entries Your Entries Your Chances Winner Claimed
6 2022-04-01 - 2022-05-31 2022-06-04 1834 Not logged in Not logged in Not yet drawn
5 2022-02-01 - 2022-03-31 2022-04-02 1337 Not logged in Not logged in pochi
4 2021-11-01 - 2022-01-31 2022-02-12 1013 Not logged in Not logged in BhaumikSolanki
3 2021-10-01 - 2021-10-31 2021-11-06 561 Not logged in Not logged in TheX55
2 2021-09-01 - 2021-09-30 2021-10-02 461 Not logged in Not logged in Ritiknishad123
1 2021-08-01 - 2021-08-31 2021-09-04 396 Not logged in Not logged in SlayerSCI